Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sleek Makeup - Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks!

Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream - REVIEW

So today, I got my hair done (just the regrowth - being blonde is hard work, sort of) and as always I do a bit of shopping afterwards. I had seen Chi Chi's new Soft Matte Lip Cream Collection on their Instagram page for $25, knowing Target always had a sale on, I waited to purchase it. Anyways, while I was there I became soooo excited when I saw that Target now sells theBalm & Sleek Makeup!!!!! I probably looked a little crazy in the store because I was so excited. theBalm isn't sold in stores anywhere near me, and I have never seen Sleek Makeup in any Australian stores. 

Onto the Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks, I'd briefly heard about them but wasn't sure if they would be decent, so I swatched them on my hand while I was browsing. They dried so quickly and were super pigmented so I bought 5 of the 6 shades. I didn't get the purple shade, fandango purple, as I would never wear it although it was beautiful and super pigmented also. I got Brink Pink 432, Rioja Red 433, Party Pink 434, Petal 435 & Birthday Suit 436, as shown below in order from left to right. 

I personally really like this packaging. Trademark Sleek design, as with all their products, it has a black matte lid with Sleek Makeup in a sheen. The tube is a hard clear plastic, the product looks exactly the same as when it's applied. Doesn't feel cheap, very simple pretty packaging. They have a long thin doe foot applicator.


Brink Pink is a super bright hot pink colour. It is absolutely gorgeous. Not something I would wear normally, however it was so pretty and vibrant, I had to get it. It's probably something I'd use just for pictures or when I'm going out for the night. 


Rioja Red (not sure how to pronounce that) is probably the most stunning red lipstick I've ever owned/tested. Red's can often be a little low on pigments and require a few coats, however this one definitely does not need that. As state previously, all off these are very pigmented. This colour didn't make my teeth look yellow either. 


This colour is more a red to me than a pink. It's sort of like, a fluoro red, if that makes sense. Has a tinge of orange to it, but I would say it's easily noticeable. Part Pink is another colour that I wouldn't wear often - and more of an event/photo lipstick. 


Petal is a light pink, but not like a milky light pink, it's name suits it quite well. It is a nice light pretty pink but not too bright. My lips are naturally dark but this covered it pretty well. This one may require two coats depending on your lip colour, although when I tested this, I did it in my car in a car park - not the best lighting. This colour actually really suited my super pale skin. 


Birthday Suit is a nude beige kind of colour. Very popular colour at the moment and it's very pretty. I haven't tested this on my lips yet, but I think it will be a lipstick I could wear whenever as it's not too bright, or too light for my lips.

L-R; Brink Pink, Rioja Red, Party Pink, Petal & Birthday Suite.


This is one of the only matte liquid lipsticks available in stores, I guess in the "drugstore" bracket, although we don't use that slang in Aus. Now that these are available in stores, makes them even better! So many people have probably never heard of Sleek Makeup, but they're an awesome brand. These retail for $14.95 at Target. They contain 6ml / 0.21floz.

They dry completely matte within about 30 - 60 seconds, depending on how many layers/how thick it is of course. And they will not move. These are quite a liquidy thin consistency, which I actually really like as opposed to the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. The pigmentation in these is INSANE. as you can see from the swatches, just one quick swipe and they are completely opaque. These are also a little difficult to remove, an oil based makeup remover is advised, otherwise you may lose the skin off your lips hahaha not really. I don't think they're overly drying at all, they are matte so they do show the lines in your lips as expected.

The downside to these is that as soon as you start to eat & drink, as with most lip products, they wear off quickly, especially on my bottom lip. I found my top lip didn't wear off much. When they wear off, they do flake, I wouldn't say it's too bad though. However I think that's something they could improve. 

But all in all, for $14.95 each, these are definitely worth trying and purchasing! And I hope they bring out more colours, 6 is totally not enough. 

Thanks for reading!! 

Kelly, x. 

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