Saturday, 20 February 2016

Chi Chi - Soft Matte Lip Cream Collection - NEW!

Chi Chi Soft Matte Lip Cream Collection - REVIEW

Heya, so as mentioned in my previous review of the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks, I actually went to target to buy this new Chi Chi collection of Soft Matte Lip Creams. So let's get into it. 

As a lot of us Aussies know, Chi Chi have a liquid lipstick range out called "Creamy Matte" and to all of our disappointment, they do not dry matte whatsoever. They are beautiful shades and very pigmented but they stay wet. So recently Chi Chi released a lip collection of Soft Matte Lip Creams. They have shown a few pictures of them on Instagram and they appear to dry matte, so as I'm writing this, I am waiting for them to dry on my arm, and trying not to wipe them all over my white desk :/ 

Front and Back Packaging. 
L-R: Simply Stunning, Flirt, Crazy in Love, Socialite & Drama Queen.

The packaging is very similar to alot of Chi Chi's products. Clear hard plastic bottle with a shiny black lid and silver writing. It has a small doe foot applicator - just your basic applicator. They come in a set of 5 and retail for $25. You can find these online at or in store at Target - they are not online yet. I believe they will also be at Myer shortly. And they are not tested on animals, only on family & friends! Unfortunately it doesn't tell you how much product it contains, but I would guess about 4 grams each. 


This is a beautiful nude-ish tone with shades of orange and pink mixed together. I love these sorts of shades, however they don't always suit me - some do though. It's an easy to wear everyday shade and would suit so many different skin tones. 


I have this shade in the Creamy Matte version and I can't tell much difference with this version in terms of colour. It's a muted nude beige tone, I think my creamy matte liquid lipstick is a little more grey toned than this one, however I haven't compared them side by side. This is one of those popular nude shades at the moment - will suit most people, it's so pretty. 


I'd crazy in love as a medium bright barbie pink tone. This is a versatile shade - always popular! 


I would describe this a baby pink tone. It's a light-ish bright pink tone - yet not like a fluoro pink. Gorgeous for people who can pull this colour off, but it's not for everyone. 


So I'm generally not huge on purple shades, just because they're so different and not an everyday colour. You can also notice a huge difference when a lip product like purple wears off. However this is a darker purple, slightly wine toned. Would be an event/night out/dress up colour for me! 

L-R as previous picture.
Bottom picture is me wearing Crazy in love, excuse my skin.


These are a creamy consistency and very pigmented. Good price. No scent. Very creamy and easy to apply. The collection contains all very usable colours - nothing crazy. 

The bad part is, I swatched these on my arm about half an hour ago and they are no where near dry. As shown in a picture on Chi Chi's instagram, there are swatches of them dry - but maybe it's the way the photo was taken or magic! because these aren't drying. However they still feel nice on and creamy - but once you try to drink or something, it'll wear off much easier. 

Thanks for reading!

Kelly, x. 

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