Saturday, 7 May 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Liquid Lipstick Spring Collection; Stripped, Crush and Dolce!


Soooo, I haven't posted in like two months, BUT, that's because I've been busy buying and testing makeup!!! 😉

About 2-3 weeks ago I got 3 of the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks from their spring collection. I got the shades Stripped, Crush and Dolce.

Stripped, Crush, Dolce

STRIPPED: Stripped is a pretty light beigy nude shade. I have very fair skin so it suits me. Alot of nude shades are too warm for my skin and look odd. 

CRUSH: So Crush is my favourite liquid lipstick out of these 3, maybe out of my whole collection of liquid lipsticks. It's this perfect light nude pink shade and it looks amazing on the lips. 

DOLCE: Dolce is so pretty. It's a coral pink shade but it's not in-your-face kind of bright. It's a bit muted, I also love this shade, just perfect for a pop of colour that's not crazy. 

FORMULA/WEAR/ETC: The formula on these is fairly thick, but also very creamy and easy to apply. Quite a bit comes out on the applicator and the applicator can make it apply streaky so you have to work quickly to get a smooth application, but it's not that hard. They dry down completely matte, no transfer etc, but they don't feel drying, they are incredibly comfortable on the lips. They wear just like every liquid lipstick. I have probably 60+ liquid lipsticks, and the all wear off when you eat and drink, it just happens. So it's hard to say how these compare. Without food and drink, they're fine and last hours. Depending on what you're eating or drinking, they can last quite well and only wear on the inside bit, and they're easy to touch up. 

The end verdict is these are definitely worth the money. The shipping was only $17.95 USD which is very good. And I think I'll definitely buy more in the future. I got these direct from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website! 

Thanks! Xo. 

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