Friday, 4 March 2016


Hiya!!! So I found something the other day which made me pretty excited. As I was shopping at Coles, blowing my money on unnecessary food, I came across a new display in the makeup section. They had added two brands, Australis and Mode. Most people know of Australis but I'd never seen Mode before. Turns out they are both owned by Heritage Brands. Anyways every item in the Mode range are priced at $3 each! Yes, $3 AUD. Normally when I see prices like that, I assume they probably won't be of decent quality, I'm sure I'm not the only Aussie girl who thinks this. And it's simply because makeup in Aus is never that cheap, unless it's from the cheap shop/dollar store. They have a range of things; foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick and.......... Matte lip creams!!! 
Since I was a bit iffy about their quality, I just grabbed one, shade 'hottie'. I also bought an Australis primer and the newly formulated Maybelline Super Stay Foundation in 003. 

Anyways first impression was pretty darn good. Pigmented, yes. No weird smell? Check. Did it feel bad on my lips? Not at all. I would explain this shade as a red with a berry tone. You can thin the shade out to be more berry coloured. 

I was so impressed that I went back the next day and got the other 4 colours available: Sleeping Beauty, Jadore, Exotic Jewel, Russian Skies and Hottie on the end. 

The packaging is simple. A reasonably hard plastic tube with minimal detail printed on the outside. I like the packaging, especially for $3, plus you buy something for the product, not the packaging. 

All of these matte lip creams are very pigmented, apply smoothly and best of all, that sry completely matte. They won't transfer or smudge and they don't make your lips look dry and powdery. 

They have a doe foot applicator, which could be better by making it smaller and flexible, but its definitely not a deal breaker. The other downside is they take a long time to dry. I would have to walk around with my mouth open, BUT once they're dry, they're amazing. I have tried Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, The Balm, NYX, Chi Chi, Australis and Sleek liquid lipsticks/lip creams, and these are definitely one of the best so far. 

I would recommend these to everyone. They're $3 each, you can't go wrong. Give them a try and let me know if you like them! P.S Heritage Brands has an online site where you can shop all their brands, however, the matte lip creams are not available online at the moment. 

Thanks! Kellyyyyy. 

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