Friday, 19 September 2014


So excited to use this, got it today in my Nordstrom order. $42 aud.
The packaging and style is the same as the first palette. Total palette weight is 8.8g of eyeshadow, and there's 18 of them. All the eyeshadows are different to the first palette, especially that matte Navy colour. Very much the same texture and pigmentation as the first palette.
So the matte swatches on the left and the shimmery ones on the right. Some of the eyeshadows are the same as my skin tone basically so you can't really see them (buff & beige).

Gorgeous palette, definitely worth it. Also it comes with the mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer - it's also amazing!

Nordstrom is definitely the cheapest place to get this palette if you're in Australia.

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