Monday, 15 September 2014

MAC, Urban decay & Hard Candy - all cosmetics wholesale

So first of all, All Cosmetics Wholesale is an awesome company. I have another haul from a while back which I'll get around to review (I haven't tested everything out yet).
So they post internationally, and if you're like me and live in Australia, postage is expensive. But when you add up the savings, its definitely worth it. I'm also not a big fan of singular eyeshadows because I think they cost way too much and I'm just a palette kind of person. Haha.

I'll start with the MAC eyeshadows in containers. I was expecting these to be absolutely amazing because of what people say about them, but I wasn't all that impressed. They definitely need a primer, I swatched them using UD original primer. Some of these are absolutely great, some not so much, such as Sky Blue - it's my least favourite, unfortunately. Below I've included swatches with the back of the container which has the shade names; Sky Blue, Bitter, Lime, Purple Shadow & Post Haste. As well as a picture of all the swatches and the shadows in their packaging.

Next is the MAC refills, the 3 I got are just amazing. Super pigmented, not too soft, very bright, I can't wait to put them in a palette. Who knows why, but these are much better than the ones I got in containers. The shades are; Goldenrod, Orange & Fresh water. 

The 3 Urban Decay eyeshadows are gorgeous. I love the packaging and as usual, they all have great colour payoff and texture. Although I find these do have a bit of extra fallout. Flash is a beautiful medium purple and definitely my favourite.

Hard Candy Powder Kegs; I actually really like these, but like all loose shadows; they're messy. But they're so pigmented and very shimmery. So because they're messy as, I've been pressing these into an old palette which I emptied and that works much better for me. But for 10 of these, definitely worth the couple dollars. I don't have a swatch of these with names as I'm busy pressing them. 

If anyone would like videos on any products I have or mate have, just let me know and I'll do put some on YouTube when I get my camera set up. Definitely check out All Cosmetics Wholesale though, Ta!

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