Monday, 15 September 2014


So I LOVE this foundation. I've had this for a long time but remember being iffy on it because of reviews. How silly. 
Since I'm super fair skinned, I got this in shade 1.0 which is a perfect match. I'd say this foundation is medium coverage yet buildable. It's incredibly easy to blend whether you use a sponge or buffing brush. I primarily use this during winter because I get very oily on my nose so when there's any warmth in the weather, certain makeup doesn't last long at all. If you have normal to dry skin, I think this would probably work for you. 

Below I have 3 photos, first is about half a pump, as you can see, its very runny. I actually really like some runny foundations. Second photo is it just spread around and the 3rd is it blended in. It takes a little while to dry but once it has, it looks like your skin. It really does! 

This foundation is wonderful. As it says, its definitely weightless, looks like skin and photos well. The packaging is hard plastic, not too heavy but definitely doesn't feel cheap. (I think the packaging is beautiful)
The smell reminds me of some Mac foundations, a little bit different, it doesn't bother me though. 
So go ahead and try this foundation out. Go to to find out which foundations would match you best! 

If you like any videos, please feel free to ask and I'll put them up once I get my camera set up! Ta, k. 

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