Friday, 19 September 2014


I received this palette yesterday in my Nordstrom order. Wasn't that expensive so I added it to the order. So it has 1.7g x 8 shades. They're all shimmery/glittery. I suppose it's called the Suede palette because they're the typical colours for suede stuff - thats what I though anyways.

The packaging; the palette is around a similar thickness to Stila In The Garden. It's also a smooth cardboard packaging. The front window is just the thick plastic so it is a little flimsy but it works. The lid is just held down by a magnet.

These eyeshadows swatched really well but they definitely require a primer for the lid because they're come out fairly light otherwise and you'll have a hard time packing them on. I love golds, mossy greens etc so I think thats why I got this. Could do multiple looks with this palette alone, because it has a light cream tone as well as darker tones and in medium tones.

For the cost, it's worth giving it a try. I'm palette-crazy so thats why I bought it. Where can you buy this? I bought mine from Nordstrom (online). Australia has an online store called Crush Cosmetics, however, they do not stock all NYX products and didn't have this palette when I was looking for it. But for other NYX products, definitely get them through Crush Cosmetics. ta! K

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